CrowdStrike Consultant: Managed Detection and Repsonse with NaviSec

Leave Managed Detection and Response to the experts. As an experienced CrowdStrike  consultant and partner, NaviSec works quickly to respond, remediate, and report any threats to your organization. 

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What sets our incident handling and incident response services apart?

Our ability to customize how we respond.
NaviSec understands that our clients are all at different stages of their IT Security Program. We love to be part of their story and to improve our client’s cyber security posture. Sometimes that means we respond to and handle incidents from the first detection to the incident resolution. Other times, we alert our clients and let their teams respond.
As a CrowdStrike Consultant, NaviSec gladly works with our clients for where ever they may be in their cyber security programs. We guarantee your company will be more secure under our Managed Detection and Response services than you were without us. Cybersecurity is our passion

Our Experience

We have completed successful engagements in nearly every industry. From Healthcare and Private Equity cybersecurity to Grain Elevators and Pasta Factories, NaviSec has seen it all.

Partnering with NaviSec as a CrowdStrike Consultant empowers your business to make bold decisions with clarity and peace of mind. Our core services can be customized to fit your structure, goals, and regulatory compliance needs.

What People Are Saying

"Protecting the PHI of our clients is a top priority for InSync, and we value the added expertise of a cybersecurity partner like NaviSec."
Trent Baker
CISO, InSync

Leverage NaviSec's CrowdStrike Consultant Experience

CrowdStrike’s award winning Next Generation Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection and Response platform ensures more threats are detected before they become a breach. Several advantages to this platform are now available to Small and Medium business that was previously very hard to obtain unless you were a Fortune 500 company.

NaviSec works as CrowdStrike Consultant for organizations of all sizes to ensure cybersecurity and compliance for frameworks like HIPAA, PCI, NIST and FFIEC. We are a licensed CrowdStrike partner that employs a team of experts, including some of the best engineers in the business. This means you get your platform and cybersecurity team for one affordable price.

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