Partner Feature: CrowdStrike – NaviSec’s Managed Detection and Response Services

In today’s cybersecurity environment, there’s a greater need for solutions that are responsive to the ever-evolving nature of attacks. With Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, you can leverage cutting-edge security platforms with cybersecurity experts to maintain your cybersecurity posture without facing the challenge of hiring, training, and implementing in-house staff and cybersecurity solutions. We are proud to partner with CrowdStrike, an industry leader in endpoint security, to provide MDR.


CrowdStrike: Best-in-Class Endpoint Security

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity platform that provides protection across endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, and data. Designed as a full-stack, cloud-native platform, it offers end-to-end protection in a single lightweight-agent. CrowdStrike was designed specifically with today’s more sophisticated cybersecurity environment in mind: it combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics, and proactive threat hunting to assure your security posture. Utilizing real-time protection and visibility, CrowdStrike confronts attackers at the point of entry, remediating security gaps before they can be exploited. It is also scalable and can be deployed across attack surfaces, including in workstations and servers. Finally, because they have become the industry leader, CrowdStrike has built one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence databases available today. This means more threats are detected before they become a breach.

NaviSec’s Managed Detection and Response Services with CrowdStrike

Your security is only as good as the people behind it. With MDR, organizations outsource their cybersecurity services to operate third-party vendors like CrowdStrike. Ultimately, you’re letting experts take care of your security on a 24/7 basis. NaviSec is a minority- and veteran-owned cybersecurity company with a focus on high quality, right-sized solutions, and client relationships. We offer MDR services that leverage NaviSec’s world-class security engineers with CrowdStrike’s next generation security technology to respond, remediate, and report any detected incident to ensure the least amount of downtime and ensure an incident does not escalate into a full breach.

The question you might be asking is: why use MDR services rather than building in-house cybersecurity solutions? Simply put, many organizations don’t have the time, experience, or budget to build in-house security. 

Avoiding the Cost of In-House Solutions

While cybersecurity is a necessary part of protecting your IT infrastructure, it can also have skyrocketing costs when it’s done in-house. To begin with, you need to buy licenses, which are costly at the enterprise level. Next, you need to hire cybersecurity professionals to manage these platforms. Hiring the right security personnel can be costly and cumbersome, especially if you have a large infrastructure and need to hire a team. NaviSec’s MDR services provide a full suite cybersecurity solution. We are a licensed CrowdStrike partner that employs a team of experts, including some of the best engineers in the business. This means you get your platform and cybersecurity team for one affordable price.

Leave it to the Experts

Aside from being more cost efficient than in-house solutions, MDR provides you with a better security posture. The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform is recognized by Gartner and Forrester as an industry-leader for endpoint security. But state-of-the-art cybersecurity no longer operates on the scan and remove model. CrowdStrike predicts and prevents modern threats in real time through comprehensive endpoint telemetry, threat intelligence and AI powered analytics. It continuously ingests, contextualizes, and enriches endpoint telemetry with Integrated Threat Intelligence utilizing Deep AI and behavioral analytics and Machine Learning. However, this can seem meaningless if you don’t know what to do with the information; detections need to be manually verified and then investigated before they are remediated. 

This is where NaviSec comes in. Our expertise lies in managing CrowdStrike and taking action when you receive detections. This is as basic as manually validating a stopped detection or as complex as network containing hosts, dumping memory, forensic analysis of malicious files, downloading malicious files and detonating them in a lab environment to do attack replay and correlation, and reverse engineering. These are tasks that are more difficult with in-house security, where you aren’t likely to have the resources to deal with major breaches or cyberattacks.

Using NaviSec for CrowdStrike also puts our industry-leading cybersecurity knowledge to work in the process. When you conduct your own cybersecurity, you only see detections in your own environment. This can be limiting given that hackers are getting more sophisticated with attack vectors, allowing them to navigate different environments across industries. Because we work with different client environments, NaviSec is constantly responding to detections across industries and capturing knowledge and lessons learned to apply to your environment. In other words, we can bring knowledge from one industry or environment to bear on yours, helping to see configuration or other problems that might be exploited by malicious users that in-house security is more likely to miss.

Advanced Data and Analytics with CrowdStrike

Managing your cybersecurity also means logging and tracking incidents to make sure that misconfigurations and other cybersecurity gaps don’t remain open. With NaviSec’s managed detection and response services, you’ll receive advanced data and analytics to make sure your environment conforms to best practices. Using data from CrowdStrike, we conduct Quarterly Business Reviews that analyze your environment by the numbers and compare them to the ideal configuration to make sure no best practice is missed. This provides a cybersecurity baseline. But it’s also important to keep in mind that different environments also call for tweaks or modifications that best meet their cybersecurity needs. Hence, the baseline allows you to have peace of mind and know that nothing is falling through the cracks – but also allows you to set your configurations to meet your needs.

Leveraging the Power of CrowdStrike with NaviSec

The sophistication of contemporary cybersecurity threats calls for evolving and responsive cybersecurity solutions. CrowdStrike is a recognized leader in endpoint security, providing a best-in-class, lightweight, cloud-native platform that actively protects your IT environment. NaviSec’s Managed Detection and Response services offer a means of leveraging CrowdStrike to best protect your data and assets and maintain your security posture.

For more details on how to leverage the combined power of CrowdStrike and NaviSec, contact us for a free consultation.

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