Security is a journey, not a destination.

NaviSec specializes in Black Box Penetration Testing, White Box Penetration Testing, Red Team, Purple Team, Compliance Operations such as CMMC, and more.


Who is navisec?

In an industry with product and service offerings that change weekly, NaviSec exists to partner with our clients to implement the right sized protection they need to focus on critical business operations. NaviSec is your cyber security department.

Holistic Approach

At NaviSec, all our services interlink to empower your business to have the best possible assessment.


All NaviSec services scale with your business. You’re never penalized for wanting more or needing less.

High-Quality Results

Everything we do is carefully thought out and developed with the client in mind.


Global average total cost of a data breach in 2020


Healthcare has the highest industry average cost


Customer PII data has the highest cost per record.


United States has the highest country average cost.

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Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Red Team, Purple Team.
Managed Security Service Provider, Managed Firewall, Secure Infrastructure, Managed Secure WiFi
IH/IR, 24/7 Managed SOC, Log Monitoring, Reporting

CMMC Compliance, CMMC Certification, CMMC Requirements, 322 Policies


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DNS & Web Enumeration Reference

Your enumeration strategy is going to be largely dependent on your scope. Scope defines a lot, and may be a crucial factor in the success

offensive security navisec delta red team purple team penetration testing

Who is NaviSec Delta?

NaviSec Delta is a branch from the Company NaviSec. We’re the Offensive Security arm of the company, and we provide several services with regards to

Reverse Shell Reference

This document is supposed to be a quick reference for things like reverse shell one liners, including PHP shells and sources to those. If you

Privilege Escalation Reference

In this reference, valuable information has been adapted and shared from 0x00sec’s privilege escalation wiki and g0tmi1k’s escalation guide. What’s in this document? Linux Privesc

Penetration Testing Engagement References

Whenever we’re on an engagement, I find myself googling for that one command that I never memorize, whether it’s the SUID bit find command, the NodeJS reverse shell, the github to that one


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Security is a journey, not a destination. Yours can begin with a confidential conversation to evaluate your risk, threats, and current cyber security posture.

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