MSP Cybersecurity

MSP Cybersecurity has been a large part of NaviSec’s client eco-system since the very beginning. Service providers were among NaviSec’s first partners. Being well versed in service provider organizations of all sizes, we secure offices and backbone networks to ensure smooth, efficient operations.

The NaviSec sales team also partners with select service providers to white label and resell our services. This allows our service provider clients to capture additional revenue and strengthen existing client partnerships instead of referring cybersecurity service opportunities to other companies.

NaviSec has long protected not only the critical infrastructure of MSPs but also strengthens the MSP/End Client relationship through referrals to secure the end client’s environment as well. NaviSec provides right sized, right priced solutions for organization of any size. We recommend only what’s needed to make efficient use of an always limited budget. Simply put – we care about MSP Cybersecurity to keep both the MSP and the end client secure and operational.

NaviSec has experience with wireless internet service providers (WISPs), cable companies, mobile phone networks, and MSPs. Our services have contributed greatly to our managed service provider (MSP) clients’ successes by adding the extra “S” for Security to their existing managed service portfolio.

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