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Defensive security

NaviSec lives and breathes defensive security with the principle that true security is not a single, bolt-on product in today’s world. Security is a holistic approach to be applied to everything within a corporate environment. We leverage industry leading solutions by Fortinet and Crowdstrike to provide strong, effective cybersecurity overnight to your organization.

NaviSec offers traditional MSSP services to MSPs and end clients. NaviSec engineers are Fortinet experts. We standardize on Fortinet as our secure infrastructure hardware vendor of choice because their solutions are consistently reliable, industry leading, secure and easy to co-manage with our clients.

What’s inside?


A well designed network environment, with properly functioning segmentation and tight access controls, will make the life of an adversary much more difficult. In some cases, network design is enough to foil the plans of a criminal attacker. Smart design choices also aid in the detection, metrics, and reporting of security events.

With Sentry, NaviSec provides a range of services to assess network setup and design or handle implementation and management from the ground up. With NaviSec Sentry, you can rest assured that your network is designed and built to be your port in the storm.

NaviSec Sentry services are:

  1. Secure Infrastructure Design

  2. Managed Firewall

  3. Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

  4. Managed Security Appliances, such as:

    1. Web Application Firewall

    2. Secure Email Gateway

    3. Secure Application Load Balancing

    4. Secure WiFi

    5. Security Hardware Resale and License Renewal

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