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NaviSec is a minority and veteran owned cybersecurity company with a focus on high quality, right-sized solutions and client relationships. Our team of cybersecurity experts work 24/7 to eliminate low hanging fruit in your security program.

Founded in 2015 as Sequoia Cyber Solutions, NaviSec has grown from a bootstrap startup to an established player in the cyber security space. Seamless integration, scalability, and customization are critical in our approach to protecting each client’s unique business assets. One-size-fits-all solutions are not in our vocabulary.

Partnering with NaviSec empowers your business to make bold decisions with clarity and peace of mind. Each of our three core services can be customized to fit your structure, goals, and regulatory compliance needs. The NaviSec portfolio includes Delta offensive security services, Sentry defensive security services, and the Atlas Security Operations Center (SOC). More about these services can be found here.

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Nice to meet you

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