Why should you choose third-party penetration testing services?

Penetration testing has become an elementary function for any venture trying to vitalize its cybersecurity framework. One can never put enough impetus on the role that penetration testing can play in data security structuring. We have already discussed in-depth the importance of penetration testing and which type of entities need to perform them. We have also highlighted how frequently a business organization might require a penetration test. Now, the crux of this penetration testing discussion boils down to who should perform a penetration test for your company.

One cannot just randomly hand out the responsibility of implementing a penetration testing program to any Tom, Dick, or Harry. The task requires seasoned cybersecurity testing teams that have conducted successful pentests for different sets of entities. Also, security experts and many information protection regulations do not side with having your internal security team perform a penetration test. Even your MSP (Managed Service Provider) might not be the suitable alternative to execute your penetration testing project. No wonder you might wonder who will act as the right kind of entity for the task. Third-party penetration testing service providers can be the solution for you.

What does the term third-party penetration testing mean?

Third-party penetration testing represents a service offered by an external vendor usually dedicated to providing cybersecurity testing services. Third-party pentests are testing projects outsourced to outside entities under a formal agreement in contrast to security tests conducted by an internal team of a company.

Why do you need third-party penetration testing?

Multiple reasons point out why using third-party service providers for penetration testing can prove to be a wise decision.

  • Third-party pentests tend to be more credible.
    When you spend an exorbitant sum of money on pen testing your application and network, you will expect reliable results. If you observe the general viewpoint of most clients, they will vouch for third-party penetration tests as more authentic. The reputed third-party penetration testing teams carry out the pentests in line with globally acclaimed standards and use the best-rated tools. Thus, the credibility of the results of every single third-party penetration test is enhanced by a considerable degree in contrast to internal security tests.

  • A more skilled workforce is available to conduct the penetration test.
    Renowned third-party penetration testing companies have an avant-garde team of cybersecurity professionals. They have ample experience in dealing with various ups and downs of penetration testing. You can sleep better knowing that the evaluation of your data security framework is in able hands.

  • The possibility of internal bias is low.
    When you have an on-premise team to conduct the penetration tests for your organization, the odds of internal bias and mistakes creep in manifold significantly. Nobody likes to reveal their own mistakes or lackings. Internal security teams often ignore potential risk factors and vulnerabilities that can result in calamitous scenarios for your data security. They might also have a maligned intent and thus fail to carry out effective penetration tests. Contrastingly, third-party penetration testing teams tend to work with full force on your security infrastructure. They view your entity as a proper client whom they need to offer accurate results. Hence, they try to unearth all plausible exposures and misconfigurations without bias minimizing the occurrence of security breaches.

  • Clients find third-party penetration tests more trustworthy.
    All business entities stress satisfying their stakeholders, especially their clientele. The customers better entrust organizations who carry out external assessments like third-party penetration testing. It acts as a factor for a higher level of assurance to protect your customers’ sensitive information available in your system.

  • Hiring third-party pentesters prove cost-effective in the long run.
    Penetration testing demands significant outlay and resources. If business ventures recruit in-house cybersecurity professionals to conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, their overall budget amplifies exponentially. Again, the process of retaining an entire on-premise team of specialists throughout may not prove helpful. Most business organizations would instead find engaging third-party pentesting providers who lead to better ROI (return on investment) as they offer premier expertise at a lesser cumulative cost.

  • The chances of a successful penetration test are higher with third-party testing companies.
    Penetration testing that third-party security companies carry out is evidently more successful as the results are more precise, and the chances of any unlawful intent to prevent disclosure of prime issues are pretty low. They carry out pentests following the best industry practices that ultimately lead to fruitful pentesting programs.

  • Managing regulatory compliances becomes more straightforward with third-party pentests.
    We have already talked about the various national and international regulations that call for penetration testing from time to time. Many cybersecurity laws like GLBA, GDPR, and HIPAA specifically recommend third-party penetration testing. Third-party penetration testing providers generally have an elaborate portfolio of diverse clients and are well-acquainted with the requisites of various laws and regulations. Therefore, they prove handy in streamlining the compliance management aspect of your entity.

What risks must you know about working with third-party penetration testing teams?

It would be best to consider certain risks while collaborating with third-party pentesting companies. The third party company would have access to sensitive business data for the duration of the test. It is always recommended to check that they are capable of handling the data securely and conforming to the relevant legislation. There is a possibility that a non-reputable company might mishandle data, which is why using a provider like NaviSec is recommended. That’s why looking for third-party security companies that adhere to strict confidentiality and transparency principles while working is essential.

What parameters should you gauge while screening your ideal third-party penetration testing company?

  • Skills and credentials
    The most rudimentary facet to evaluate while shortlisting any third-party penetration testing provider is related to their skills and credentials. Teams with engineers with qualifications like Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) coupled with considerable experience are more desirable. Moreover, you would want a service vendor with recognized cybersecurity credentials such as PCI QSA. A certified penetration testing company represents a more trustable and compliant entity that follows standardized protocols for its tests.

  • Testing methodology
    Companies can judge a cybersecurity provider’s eligibility by observing the procedure it follows for penetration tests. Discuss and understand the testing tactics utilized and ensure they comply with testing standards like PTES. Ask for a proposal listing details related to the scope of the pentest, team bio, engagement rules, and reporting process. If there are any loopholes in the approach adopted, you must avoid the pentesting provider.

  • Contractual terms
    During a penetration test, there is an exchange of sensitive information like trade secrets, employee data, and customer details. It would help if you had a third-party penetration testing provider who abides by non-disclosure requirements. The terms of the contract must be fair and unambiguous.

  • Past ratings and reviews
    You can also further investigate prospective third-party pentesters through authentic reviews and feedback from past clients. It is a great way to garner a deeper understanding of the appetency of a given provider. You can find ratings on top platforms like Clutch to simplify your dilemma.

  • Pricing
    Last but not least comes another pivotal pointer, the cost. Penetration testing is not cheap. It would help if you found third-party testing providers who justify the price they demand with quality-driven innovative services.

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