Scoping Questionnaire

NaviSec exists to partner with our clients to implement the right sized protection they need to focus on critical business operations. NaviSec is your cyber security department – We offer Offensive, Defensive and 24-7 SOC operations that interlink to empower your business to have the best possible protection against the oncoming storm. Our holistic approach to security is 100% scalable and your business is never penalized for wanting more or needing less.

We at NaviSec believe in the principle that; Security is a journey, not a destination. Our 4 pillars of cyber security were carefully devised around that idea and with clients’ needs in mind to produce a secure high-quality outcome for customers of all sizes.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a proposal for penetration testing services.  In order to provide an accurate proposal, please complete and return the following questionnaire. This questionnaire is used to gain an understanding of the size and the scope of the penetration test.

Company Information

Approx. # of other devices?

Technical Point of Contact during the test:

Report Distribution List

Only the person(s) named on this list will receive the report.

Report Distribution List

Previous History

Test parameters

Scope of Test

Please provide details regarding the scope of the target environment including a list of devices, their IP addresses and their description/function. Alternatively provide the network subnets with approximate number of devices on the subnet and the subnets’ description. For in-scope web applications provide details regarding the base URLs, subsequent pages, forms, authentication pages and number of roles to be included in the test. Also provide details regarding web services, API’s and WSDLs used. A list of common devices has been included to facilitate the process.

Internal Network Scope

External Network Scope

Web Application Scope

Assumed Breach / Insider Threat Pen Test

Wireless Pen Test

Physical Pen Test

Advanced Persistent Penetration Testing (Red Team)

IoT/ Small Board Device Pen test

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