Cybersecurity is a universal need. NaviSec has unique experience securing industries with a global footprint. Our products and services are designed for seamless integration and scalability that matches your growth. From local to global, NaviSec is your guide. Security is a journey, not a destination.

NaviSec has implemented large scale offensive and defensive security projects for healthcare and service provider industries, energy, manufacturing, law enforcement, prisons, local government, insurance, legal practices, farming and precision agriculture, real estate, transportation, marketing and advertising firms, multi-tenant and shared office spaces, and numerous other industries.


The infrastructure that runs America faces continuously evolving threats. NaviSec has the experience and tools to secure advanced ICS systems, unique wireless setups, and custom smart grid PLCs. Our team is ready to assist energy and utilities industries meet and exceed contract and regulatory requirements for cybersecurity.


While personal data is a focal point of many cyber criminals, intellectual property theft can be equally devastating to a business. NaviSec protects manufacturing businesses by securing the perimeter and workstations while segmenting your network and preventing drawings, plans and schematics from exiting the environment without proper authorization.

Plan your security journey with NaviSec