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We tailor vulnerability assessments and regular penetration testing to each industry and organization so you can find your vulnerabilities and meet compliance regulations. 

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NaviSec’s penetration testing is an adversary simulation engagement that emulates real attackers as well as following Mitre Attack frameworks and PTES standards. Our pentesting services stand out from the crowd by delivering a wide surface area assessment with lots of depth unmatched by competitors.


We provide a comprehensive Vulnerability Management service that consists of quarterly vulnerability assessments, because once a year may not be enough to keep your business safe. Many high profile hacks were the result of unpatched software and could have been prevented if the vulnerability was identified and patched.

Red & Purple

Our Red Team replicates the stealth of an attacker, executing malicious intent. We attempt to encrypt or exfiltrate data without detection to find security gaps before someone else does. Purple Team encapsulates all of the Red Team offerings with learning objectives and training along the way for an organization’s Blue Team.

Our Experience

We have completed successful engagements in nearly every industry. From Healthcare and Private Equity cybersecurity to Grain Elevators and Pasta Factories, NaviSec has seen it all.

Partnering with NaviSec empowers your business to make bold decisions with clarity and peace of mind. Our core services can be customized to fit your structure, goals, and regulatory compliance needs.

What People Are Saying

"Protecting the PHI of our clients is a top priority for InSync, and we value the added expertise of a cybersecurity partner like NaviSec."
Trent Baker
CISO, InSync

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