Your Ultimate Offensive Security Team

NaviSec Delta is central to our mission and represents the first step of on-boarding new clients. We prepare you for the journey ahead by simulating attacks, testing your infrastructure, and creating a customized, flexible plan to address vulnerabilities.

Our regularly scheduled follow-up tests provide clarity and mitigate risk in a constantly changing security landscape.

Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Red Team
Security Auditing

Managed Firewall Services and Auditing

In an uncertain and ever-changing security landscape, every company needs a safe harbor. Sentry stands guard to ensure that your port in the cyber security storm is never more than a click away, no matter how far the journey takes you.

Managed Security Service Provider
Incident Handling / Incident Response
Managed Secure WiFi
Secure Infrastructure Design

Your Own Tunable SOC

Just as the Greek Atlas carries the weight of our world on his shoulders, our Atlas SOC Services carry the weight of our client’s environment. The forward-thinking NaviSec engineering team leverages a cutting edge Security Operations Center (SOC) to have your back 24/7 so that your business can reach for its goals with uncommon confidence, clarity and flexibility.

24/7 Managed SOC

Log Monitoring


Highly customizable

Plan your security journey with NaviSec