Rebranding Announcement

Sequoia Cyber Solutions sincerely thanks you for being an important part of our incredible journey from startup to established player in the cyber security space.

Beginning today, we are rebranding as NaviSec, LLC. This change represents more than a new approach to marketing. Our portfolio of services will be expanding, our team growing and customer relationships are strengthening.

As your navigator in a constantly changing cyber security landscape, the NaviSec team is prepared to deliver right-sized, flexible, customized solutions to empower your business to meet and exceed its goals securely.

Cyber security is a long-term investment that demands a forward looking perspective, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. We look forward to continuing our partnership under the NaviSec brand.

The NaviSec team is excited to begin or continue this journey with you. Together, let’s make 2019 an amazing year for cyber security.

Security is a journey, not a destination.